Useful tips for those who want to rent a cheap apartment in Kiev. (2013-10-07)

When planning to rent a cheap apartment in Kiev, try to carefully analyze the cost of the road. For example, a house in a residential area, far from the center, will become much cheaper, but you will have to spend a lot of money and time trying to get to the office.
Having dealt with the area, you need to sort out the cost. If you want to rent an apartment and to save money, then try to point out the apartment owner to any details. For example, even the dirty staircase can be used as an excellent excuse for bargaining.
Further create the full list of requirements to the apartment:
1. Quantity of room in the apartment.
2. Variety of design (separate or adjoining rooms, better apartments or Khruschevka style, etc.).
3. Floor.
4. House type: five-story, high-rise building or a private home. If you have small children, to wear a stroller down the stairs in Khrushchevka style building without normally operating elevator will be extremely uncomfortable. In this situation, it is recommended to rent an apartment on the first floor.
5. The presence of household appliances. If the apartment has everything for a normal life, then you will have to pay more. When moving in, check the availability of each appliance in the presence of the landlord by all means.
6. The presence of furniture, as well as its quality. As practice shows, unfurnished apartment is much cheaper. If you are planning to rent a cheap Kiev apartment for a long time, you can purchase a minimum set of table, chairs and a sofa. Renting an apartment with furniture, you need to examine carefully all for interior scratches, stains and other damage. All that you should show the landlord.
Additionally you need to pay attention to cleanliness of the kitchen and in the bathroom, sanitary condition. Check wallpaper, quality of floor covering. Demonstrating to the owner maximum drawbacks of housing, you can reduce the cost of rent.
Having dealt with the details, you need to proceed to a formal agreement with the landlord. An example of a rental agreement can be found even in the internet. Prior to rent a house, be sure to discuss what exactly will be included in the rent, as well as what specific services you will have to pay extra money. Immediately decide who will pay: monthly fee for phone, heating, cable TV, water on the counter, internet, electricity, etc.
Taking into consideration the large number of fraud, it is required to check with the landlord the documents confirming his ownership, as well as a passport. It should be noted that the person that rents your apartment must have legal ownership which has been confirmed by relevant documents. Often, real estate agencies take this check on yourself, but if you want to rent an apartment without intermediaries, be careful.

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